Don’t Let a Failure Keep You Down! (4/11/21)

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Peace in the Kingdom (2/28/21)

Bible “Math” (Part 4: More “Division”) (2/21/21)

Ezekiel 37 (The Vision of the Dry Bones; The Stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph; God’s Servant “David” to Rule as King) (2/14/21)

Bible “Math” (Part 3: “Division”) (2/7/21)

Bible “Math” (Part 2: “Multiplication”) (1/31/21)

Bible “Math” (Part 1: “Addition” & “Subtraction”) (1/24/21)

Becoming More Like Jesus, Part 3 (1/17/21) (in prayer & patience)

Becoming More Like Jesus, Part 2 (1/10/21) (focuses on a mind to work, a forgiving spirit, and oneness)

Becoming More Like Jesus (1/3/21) (focuses on humility, unselfishness, and love)

Fruit Unto God (12/27/20)

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